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>The first, and only, time love hit me, it was a total surprise for me.  I'm
>just hoping that it happens again.  (It didn't last that long the first time,
>hopefully it will last longer next time)  I thought of looking, but I don't now
 >what to look for, so when it comes, hopefully I'll recognize it.  likely, she'll have to hit me over the head with a 2 x 4>
>Future Boy a.k.a. THE THIRD
Sorry, bro -
{quasi-Catholic-Transcendental-Anarchist philosphy doctrine follows}
From The Book of The Pessimist Overlord, Chapter 42, verse 23:
You fall in love once and only once.  If, by chance, it actually works out,
then you will be a happy man for the rest of your life.  But, (as is the more
likely to occur) if it doesn't work out, give it up.  It's a one-shot deal.
Don't look for it to happen again, because it won't.
Sorry, man, that's just the way it is.   You will live your life hoping that
this miserable fact isn't true, but it is.  Oh, sure, you'll hang out with a
few chicks here and there, but something just won't seem to click.  Or, they
will already have a boyfriend who goes to a different school, and she won't be
able to realize that you are won't be a dick and will get things to work out
this time (*ahem*).
The following scenario will ensue:  You will give up your hopes of becoming an
olympic athelete, start writing very angry poetry, drink like Charles Bukowski,
become attracted to a chick who should be but isn't interested, smoke until you
have cancer, she will move to Paris and write you periodically (throwing you
into a fit of depression for a week each time), and eventually fail out of
college and work at McDonalds, where your love of Big Macs will diminish
because you get so damn sick of them.
So, man, give it up.  You will never fall in love again.  I'll see you at The
Little Grill, Thursday nights, 9:00, for open poetry night.