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If that means you are in the "I'm an alien on planet earth, and it's time I
left" thoughts club, let me say this, with some backwards looking amusement.
All the times I thought I'd be better off as fertilizer, I changed my mine
for several reasons, being as follows
Dang Top Ten list of why suicide sucks:
10.  Your mom would kill you when she found out.
 9.  You couldn't piss off other people anymore.
 8.  Couldn't  see how others react to you finally doing something right.
 7.  You don't want to become a statistic on an Mtv "Enough is Enough" add.
 6.  Ouch!  Hey, that hurts!
 5.  If your going to die, you might as well enjoy it...so you re-focus on
       drinking and smoking.
 4.  "snail-mail" blows.
 3.  You still don't know why "The rat's clapped."
 2.  I'm not the one with the problem...IT'S EVERBODY ELSE!

And the number one reason not to commit suicide is...
 1.  You would like to have one night of hot, sweaty, marathon passion before
         you go, this has kept you alive indefinitly.