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>>Sorry 'bout that.  How do you delete?  Somebody _please_ help educate the
>>                -KT
>Delete a post?  Go to the post, and press /  then press D
Instructions for Block Delete.
If you're on a networked PC, make sure Num Lock is OFF.  You can use the
"7" key to select, the "8" key to remove.  The "9" key will replace what you
just removed.
If you're on a terminal, use the "Select", "Remove", and "Insert Here" keys.
If you're calling from home on a modem and you can't get your numeric keypad to
function like a networked PC,
   1) Position your cursor at the upper left hand of the block you want to
   2) Press F1.. You should see the word "Command:" below the status bar.
      If you don't, then press CTRL-B followed by CTRL-U.
   3) Type "sele" and press ENTER
   4) Position your cursor at the bottom right of the block you'd like to
      delete.  Text will be highlighted following where you place the cursor.
   5) Repeat step 2
   6) This time, type "remo" and press ENTER
      -- Your text will be removed..
   7) If you want to place that removed text elsewhere, repeat step 2 and
   8) Type "Insert Here" at the Command: prompt
That should answer ANYONE's questions about block delete.
Laura, since you're so resourceful, output this post to a file so we
don't have to keep telling people :)