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| Description: Moonie's Strange Domestic Life                                  |

"this place is so mmmessssssy. it's gross. and i don't want to clean it."
"you think that surprises me? i remember not even being able to walk
 through your room. you've never liked to clean."
"well, it's _really_ bad this time, and i have a study group coming over
 tomorrow night, so i _have_ to clean it."
"well, i have some stuff to do in town anyway. i'll come do the floors
 for you."
what? my mother helping me clean? this was a novelty. she is definately
a do-it-for-yourself mother. i picked up books, clothes, dishes, fabric,
and assorted junk just as fast as i could. i was still trying to deal
with laundry when she arrived. she looked determined and efficient. she
was even wearing sneakers.
"extension cord." (no greeting)
i got her our only extension cord, a 150 foot orange monstrosity. she
guessed that would be sufficient. i pointed out the location of our
ancient and wheezy hoover, a give-away from the landlord.
"i brought my own"
she disappeared to the car, and came back with a determined look on her
face. she was carrying some black engine thing with a 6 foot long tube
coming out of it. it looked serious. it looked menacing. it looked like
some technologically advanced weapon designed for Terminator4.
she plugged it in, turned it on, and out came a blast of air that made
my earrings swing. i stood, rooted to the spot, as she began a system-
atic path through the house, the menacing black tube blowing the dust
ahead of her and the orange cord snaking behind her. she blazed a trail
through the dining room, kitchen, and breakfast nook, down the back
stairs, through the garage and out into the driveway. poofs of dust,
dirt and thread snippets blowing before her.
it was done.
i was amazed.
"wow! that was great. i can't believe it's all done!"
"yes," she replied smugly, "your father's leaf blower certainly does
 come in handy!"
A True Story of MoonPie's Strange and Amazing Domestic Life