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the year is 2023.  meg thompson, of great chatter fame, has recently been
elected the ambassador to the psilon empire.  she must travel to the planet
zarusk to offer them a peace and trade treaty.  the journey is uneventful,
aside from that one unfortunate (and rather nasty) incident with the coffee
maker.  don't ask... trust me.  after traveling the several thousand light
years to zarusk in cryo-stor (tm) she is beginning to thaw.  meg is
anticipating her visit and is looking forward to being such a major part of the
new peace.  while lying still in her cryo-stor duds she has time to think on
many an important topic... "i hope these psilons aren't human eating savages...
and if they are i hope they don't run faster than me." "i wonder how andrea is
with me so far away for so long?"
*fade to the haven*
andrea is sitting on the couch with sasha, who now has no hair from the nape of
her little kitty neck to her tail, from being compulsively petted since meg's
departure.  why did sasha not run away?  if you look closely you'll see that
there is duct tape holding her little kitty paws to the couch.  andrea has not
been to work in over three weeks, and has done nothing more than mumble to
sasha in that time.  observers are working around the clock to figure out
what's wrong with her.  well, they were working around the clock.  they stopped
trying to figure it out after about a week.  the back door opens... omar walks
in and spoons some oatmeal to andrea.  he's not looking too good, having been
left all alone for such a time, but he's managing to find solace in his life
without meg.  he counts with andrea the days until meg's return.
*fade to the freshly thawed meg*
she stands and begins taking care of pesky computer things that need to be done
before landing... refueling, drinking a vat of coffee, and generally making
sure things are running smoothly.  she puts on the outfit she's chosen for
today and looks nice and spiffy, and hops into the personal transporter ship
(tm) to get her audience with the psilon emporer, bajokklr.  once on zarusk meg
must wait for an incredible amount of timr for bajokklr to see her.  she makes
it to his throne, where she plans to builda bridge for the future of both
races, built on the hopes and dreams of billions of hunams and psilons.  she
takes a deep breath and says,
>Meg'll say "breast" anytime.  The hard part is getting her
>to say "boob" or "tit" or "mazoomba," etc. etc.
_any_ time?