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| Description: Chatter is what it are                                          |

To clarify a bit on the recent debate on situations, being what they are in
Chatter, I offer the following:
Chatter is us and not them.
Chatter is them and not us.
Chatter is us and them (subset 1), but not them (subset 2).
Chatter flagrantly violates the second law of thermodynamics.
Chatter is occaisionally brilliant, frequently lame, and always the domain of
various freaks and dropouts from society.
Chatter is the proper forum for discussing pot, bitches you have seduced,
thursday night skating trips, camping, and private jokes.
Chatter is the proper domain for criticizing those who do the above.
Chatter is the proper forum for railing against the rampant elitism of chatter.
Chatter is the proper forum for both flamebait and flames.
Chatter is the proper forum to say nothing at all, but rather to lurk in quiet
and smoldering codescension thinking, "I could do better than that."
Chatter has concluded a recent bilateral arms reduction treaty with the SFFG
board, which explains the recent decline in numbers of surface-to-air missiles
and photon torpedos on JMU's BBS.
Chatter knows that Rob Furr was present with a rifle on a grassy knoll in Texas
one fine sunny day in November, 1963.
Chatter does not know that this grassy knoll was in Austin.
Chatter knows that Mr. Furr is a damn fine shot and would still be suspicious
even if it knew the above.
Chatter is a Steel Cage Match fought by quadrapelegics.
Chatter has been better in the "Good Old Days" since the very instant of its
Chatter is full of swimmers from the shallow end of the gene pool.
Chatter is well aware of the fact that higher mathematics was consistantly
popular with students from its origins in Persia all the way up until the
creation of the word problem in the 20th century United States.
In Chatter ideas are neither created not destroyed, but constantly recycled.
Chatter knows that every Friday night, Elvis, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy
Holly, John Lennon, Jerry Garcia, and Frank Zappa have one hell of a poker
game, though it's gotten less interesting with that loser Kurt Cobain outside
contantly begging to get let in.
Chatter embraces contradiction, but avoids open mouth kisses with it for fear
that it might be catching.
Chatter feels quite strongly that Kiss was cooler before they took the make-up
Chatter knows that the Newtonian Universe isn't dead, but merely planning its
Chatter realizes that the Buddha could take Jesus in one-on-one basketball any
day of the week and bets accordingly.
Chatter is just in a fat, bloated, sequined jumpsuit wearin', bushy sideburn
sportin', Elvis in Vegas stage right now.
Chatter hopefully will move on to a svelte, leather clad, back from the army
Elvis rather than a fat, disgusting, dead on a toilet in women's underwear
Chatter is not what Joker says.
Chatter is not what Omar says.
Chatter is not what Pope FM says.
Chatter is not what tuna says, though it is intimidated by him.
Chatter is not what mav says.
Chatter is not what C'mere ROOJ says.
Chatter is not what z says.
Chatter is not what PING! says.
Chatter is just chatter, no more, no less, well, ok, maybe a little bit less.
- Joker