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As of 11/3/95 at 18:00 hours (that's 6 PM for you non OIT_ types):
bb.chatter.chatter....................94 posts
bb.chatter.personals..................87 posts
Now, this really concerns me.  For reasons two-fold, after I give it a
nano-second or so of proper consideration.  Chatter is, after all, life.
Life-blood perhaps being a better term, and lo!  the pool is running dry.  I
fear the dark day will soon approach when I will be reading bb.comments and
listening to serious parking-ticket arguments before I check this realm to see
what's going on.  I haven't been around long enough (take your comments and
stuff 'em up your ass cause I know what you're thinking) to talk about the
"good old glory days of chatter" but damn ... I've seen better than this.
Consider the implications ... earlier this year, a Mr. JCLIRA posted here about
"I heard chatter is alot of fun, but I'm not cumming yet.  And I'll be damned
if I'm going to read 207 posts.  But I still want to go to a DAK."  Well, my
friends, 97 posts is more than any ant-shit brain can handle, so unless we want
a rush of JCLIRAs we better get cracking.
And secondly, lets consider the nature of the approaching new contender -
PERSONALS.  *PERSONALS*!!  I mean, the "SGM seeking GTvM" area of the vax!  Are
we really that disposed with our lonely, sexless life that we can bitch and
moan about it to the point where it eclipses the catch-all .chatter?  Granted,
I do it too, but at least I do it in chatter for some reason.
As the sometimes insightful, sometimes (increasingly) I-want-her-dead Lady K
once said, "Chatter is mostly caricatures of the people that post there."
Even, indeed, if this were true, 97 posts is one hell of a fucking caricature.
It's monstrous.  It's cancerous.  Something needs to be done.
As you may expect, I have a proposal.
Okay, this swelling of personals indicates psycological trauma of some sort,
but as an English major I'm uncertain as to its cause and/or nature.  But, as a
liberal, I know how to fix it.  Group therapy.  I think we should support
openness, share our desires, solve our problems.  This being a virtual culture,
there is no need to actually leave the medium to do so.  We can do it right
here, heal ourselves through the vax right from our very keyboards.  Tho, if
you're in Miller 134 and want to try this for real, go right ahead.
Hell, I'll start.
*Hugging Thor*  "I feel for you brother.  I ... sometimes weep openly.  And I
know you do, too.  Man ... I'm your friend.  You can count on me.  And I
sometimes get an erection when I think about your Mom."  *sniff*
See, that wasn't so bad.  Openness and honesty.  Lets make chatter the once
glorious and vicious institution it once was - harsh and cruel, elitist, cold,
vulgar ... and lets do it with *love*.