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| Description: Reply to   135: University Exxon Conscription                   |

>I ain't gonna go
>inside that fucking cooler
>again, not EVER.
       Omar is truly free
       No Dakites work for Be
       Lets beat up PING!
       Exxon makes Oil Spills
       Think of the Seals it kills
       So, sing loud with voices shrill
       Let Freedom Ring
       Now none of our boys pump gas
       Lets go beat someone's ass
       Hey, how bout PING!?
       Station where Joker worked
       Said his boss was a jerk
       The Staunton Badgers beat the Turks
       Let Freedom Ring.
       There's something wrong with this
       A VC capitalist ?!?
       Fetch my Pinky Ring.
       They say Be was a schmuck
       Anything to make a buck
       And his fried chicken sucked
       I wouldn't feed it to PING!
the Rev.