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| 76510 | BRANNEAT     | CHATTER              | 06/02/96 | 06/09/96 |     3    |
| Description: A fond farewell....                                             |

   The city was eerily quiet.  Only the occasional scurrying of rats could be
heard as Maverick walked through the streets.  As she checked each building
and locked the doors behind her, she felt both sad and excited.  The relocation
had been announced long ago and a great new land had been chose, yet leaving
the once thriving city that had been her home for over six years was difficult.
Each building held great memories.  She smiled as she passed Wonderland, The
Indigo Palace, The Den of Iniquity, and Shangri La.  As she continued toward
the city's front gate she became lost in thought.  She remembered tank stories,
chocolate DAKs, Moria addicts, BUCKS tournaments, Scuz cartoons, SJFJ and "wimps
hit the 'n' key", Pudstinia, process name gags, the Eagle Hall beach, Hillside
football, Thursday night DAKs, trips to Reddish Knob and G30, RFLs, old fart
festivities, 'killer' games, spades tournaments, evil mr. tongue, anonymous
mailers, logout screen, term lock screens and the introduction of the 'T' key,
"earning my tuition, "cool, is this Rush?", "aren't you at least bi?", and "on
the vax often?", xyplex terminals, mock weddings, curse wars, and six foot snow
   Before Maverick knew it, she was at the front gate.  It was beginning to get
dark and she knew that the new day would shine brightly upon the new city of
Chatterdom.  All that was left was to shut and lock the front gate and join the
others that awaited her.  The large iron doors were rusted and showing their
age.  They also held the carefully inscribed names of many Chatterites that had
moved on before.  Slug, Beast, Hawkeye, Basil, Oasis, Baby, Blackrose, Squid,
Ivory, Romulus, ronin, Remus, Sandman, Redhotmomma, Shadowcat, Comedian, Tripod,
Thorn, Italian Eyes, Spaceman Spiff, freddie, Whistler, fromthebadlands, the
Uninvited Guest, orgasmatron, Scruffy the Cat, agentplaid, 7-grain, dear Abby,
mumford, Byrd, Rat, ozanqui, blueadept, special agent, VermN, strider, vocalist,
cookie woman, artiste, pagan, svieta, spriggin, Rorshach, captain, blackbird,
isabeau, bobbin, JOSE~, masochemist, rugged, tree, and tuna were among the many
names present.  Maverick smiled as she came to the last and most recently added
name, super80.  His leaving gave her the task she now carried out, for she was
now the oldest, most consistently active Chatterite.  It was an honor that she
wore with pride.
   She pulled the heavy doors closed and locked them with a loud clang.  She
smiled as she thought of the great times that had already occured and looked
forward to the new land with its young blood and great promise.
   And as Maverick turned and headed into the darkness, the rats clapped...and
then there was silence.