Bulletin Board Standard Reply Form
I took exception to your recent post to _________________.
                                         (category name)
It was:
___ lame.
___ stupid.
___ much longer than any worthwhile thought of which you may be capable.
You need to look at the fact that:
___ what you posted has been done before.
    (mark only if above checked)
    ___ it was done better the last time.
___ your post was a pathetic imitation of   __________________
                                              (someone else)
___ your post contained spelling errors.
___ your post contained grammar errors.
___ your post was an obvious attempt at plagiarism.
    (mark only if above checked)
    ___ it was done clumsily.
___ you have a lame process name.
___ you reposted an entire article only to add ___ new lines of text.
___ you flamed someone who has been around far longer than you.
___ you flamed someone who is far more intelligent and wittier than you.
___ you are indulging in chatter on the main bb.
In addition:
___ you included a stupid disclaimer.
    (mark only if above also)
    ___ your pathetic attempt at being witty in the disclaimer failed.
___ you also included:
    (mark all that apply)
    ___ a stupid self-quotation.
    ___ a stupid quotation from a known loser other than yourself.
    ___ a Rush quotation.
    ___ an incorrect and unattributed quotation.
    ___ __ smiley faces where __ would have sufficed.
___ fuck you, you sack of shit!
___ indulge in auto-eroticism, you colostomy bag.
___ you have greatly misunderstood the purpose of _______________.
                                                  (category name)
___ you have greatly misunderstood the purpose of the BB.
___ you must have mistaken me for someone who gives a shit.
___ you must have spent your entire life in a Skinner box to be this
    (mark only if above is checked)
    ___  this has been pointed out to you before.
___ it is recommended that:
    (check all that apply)
    ___ go and ______________________ your _________________________.
                (name of sexual act)       (pet, parent, or sibling)
    ___ die, rat bastard.
    ___ go and jump in a volcano, you fucking cave newt.
    ___ get a life, you loser.
    ___ get a clue. take two, they're small.
    ___ other (specify): ______________________________________________.