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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>this could go on for a while, couldn't it?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>That depends a lot on Luck.  Or is it Fate?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Come on, Paul.  You can do better than that.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Please, God, don't torture this poor soul so.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Sheesh, don't you have something better to do!
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Home in Harrisonburg, at 2am, and single?  Feh.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I think that you should just head up to bed. Ok?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>That wouldn't work.  Too much caffeine for sleep.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Try counting sheep. That has always worked before.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Or If you were tuna, you could count lots of beers.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>And we watch the piles of greater than symbols grow.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>There will always be the old standard--- cow tipping.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>For those not from WV, there's always whiskey sipping.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I, myself prefer a nice cup of hot tea with some honey.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Try some French Vanilla coffee with Cool- Whip sometime.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Come here & french me vanilla and whip me sometime, baby!
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I think that I am gonna have to call a big NOT IT on that.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>This must be the weirdest string I have seen this semester.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Well, Thor, were I Paul, I could have created some anagrams.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>That was Megasus, not Thor.  This thread has a built-in doom.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>But Thor's was the reply before Meg's. I made my saving throw!
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Built-in Doom:  Just wait until we reach the end of the screen!
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>With oh so little time left ere the end we need a bigger screen.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Don't worry, we will find something better when the screen fills.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ERE THE END!  If it doesn't fit you must re-write, don't get lazy.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy red dog lying in the mojo.
>>>>>>>>>>>>Repent! The end is near! The fully justified post passeth slowly on.
>>>>>>>>>>>It is really a pity that you can't get the bb to go into 132 columns.
>>>>>>>>>>that's what you get for writing the thing in FORTRAN instead of COBOL.
>>>>>>>>>This line is up to 70 characters.  How many does it hold? About eighty?
>>>>>>>>Who really cares. Just get your lines in now. Worry about the end later.
>>>>>>>Is it the end, or just the beginning, shall we become philisophical now??
>>>>>>Chatter isn't the place for philosophy. This is just everyone being weird.
>>>>>He used two question marks. Just goes to show that some can and some can't.
>>>>Especially slappy, who screwed up so completely I'm ignoring his 2 failures.
>>>What is screwed up, why are Tetley teabags round, Why does Paul bother me so?
>>Nothing outlasts the Chattergizer String.  It keeps going and going and going.
>If we're not *very* careful, we could have a new catchphrase on our hands here.
Since I started the thing, I believe I'll take the eighty-column line.  The End.
Lady K
holy shit.  that's all I can say.  holy shit.