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    Found myself staring around my room last night, after all the
light was gone and the dark was setting around me like an empty box.
I started thinking about all the things that I couldn't see.  All the things
around me in my room that I had told myself I had to have at one time or
another.  It occurred to me that I had surrounded myself with nice things.
"Nothing but the best" and all.  Alien objects that cast funny shadows
in the dim light with words on them that I couldn't see like `Gibson'
and `Guild' and `Fender.'  Outside a new truck, all mine, and an education
(That's more than a of people I know.)
And I just keep on.
I need a new `Fender.'
I need another `Gibson.'
I'd be very happy if my new truck just had one more feature...
I really would.
And I'll read that damn play tomorrow.
I will.
    I was raised to be simple.  The first class I took was the Working
Class, and it taught me to get by very well with not much.
But more.  What I really want, more than anything
is More.
And I'll read that damn play tomorrow.
I will.
So I'll call it Human Nature.
Yes, that's what I'll do.
I'm neck deep in debt
and I still haven't read that damn play
and I wanna go deeper in debt
because I know I can and I don't care, just like Everyone else I know.
So I'll call it Human Nature.
And I'll do that damn paper tomorrow.
I will.
Yep, it's just Human Nature.
    But I couldn't help wondering there in my dark if all this was really
Human Nature, or if it was
just me.