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I, Jon ( the multipurpose, most honored house guest ), have been
offered gainful employment by Merck & Co as a chemical technician.
This pimping job offer is contingent on a physical, which I'm a
little worried about. I'm not the healthiest person alive, but I
never slept with zlogar so I should be ok. :)
Oh, there is a drug test, so I can't even get within scent of you'all
for fear of second hand smoke :)
I should know the results of the physical thursday or friday.
I will then happily give my employer two weeks notice, which
places my target start date about Feb 19. If this goes through
and anybody needs a job, Kenny might want help fending off the
Fearsome Lesbians.
In the meantime, I will be apartment & computer hunting. My new abode
will probbly be nicknamed "Reality bites" or "The Real world", or perhaps
simply "reality".  Kinda the opposite of Wonderland ;)
Since I am going to be in the area, I'm retaining all my titles and
don't even think that I'm giving away my schnapps!
So all I will do is give you some advice: Work hand and play hard.
You'll are a bunch of loonies and I love you :)