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first off, i'd like to say that i'm writing this notice in EDT, thank
you.  all you EVE-loving candy-asses can kiss my ass. :)
well, it's been 6 years.  unfortunately, i've been very very busy this
year, and haven't had the chance to get to know you newer folks like i
would have liked, and i haven't had the chance to keep up with the old
crowd either.  anyway, i am FINALLY graduating.  for those of you that
have known me for a while, you have an idea what a trip this has been.
for those of you that haven't, ask someone who has.  there are still a
few of them left who haven't graduated.
it's been a long time that i've been on here.  i've seen a lot of cool
people come and go.  i've also seen a lot of cool people come that are
still here.  for those of you i've managed to royally piss off (that's
most of you) and haven't made up with (hopefully not as many), no hard
feelings, ok?
anyway, i got a sudden rush of nostalgia, so i figure i'll write me up
a quick will.  there's not a whole lot to give away, but i'll see what
i can do:
thorn:    my nostalgia-meter and my collection of tee morris slams.
omar:     my autographed picture of frank, sam & sonny.
z:        the 400 folded up beer bottle tops that i've been finding all
          around my living room, ASSHOLE.
hulio:    this really really cool greaseman's greatest hits tape i found once
badlands: Janet Gately's underpants.  They've been in my desk for a while
          now, and i guess i can part with them. :)
stalky:   an ostrich.
islander: the debugger stick, aka the Implement Of Persuasion.
   ("segmentation violation THIS, fucker!!")
tuna:     my 550mW thermal keg tap.  use it well, my son.
debbie:   a 12-pak of trojan ultra-ribbed dynalube king-size rubbers.
          one day the no-no zones will become the yes-yes zones, and
          i just want you to think of me when they do.  :)
rlickes:  my super-duper tight-pecs massager.  works like a charm.
          (as seen on tv!)
morgan:   a boot to the head.
nancy:    a clove and a boot to the head. :)
in all seriousness, i've had a lot of good times while i'm here.  i'll
miss you guys.  take care of yourselves and da board, okay?