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| Description: Ya gotta....siiiiiiiing a little....                            |

An Ode to my Friend, CC, and His Exploits at Feast '96.
Sung to the tune of "Kiss the Girl" from "The Little Mermaid"
All Rights Reserved.
you've been drooling,
padded weapon in your hand,
your skills are honed and you're 'da man
ain't no stopping you this day.
and you'll be the boss
and then feel like a hoss
now when you, win the feast.
yes, you've practiced.
and now you're here and feeling brave.
opponent's only got a glaive,
the boy's parents must've been gay.
and you'll stomp him down
then take home the crown
you gonna win da feast.
sha la la la la la duck and swing
you nicked him on the wing
you gonna win the feast (whoa-whoa)
you sword is flashing like an iron bar
and then you're seeing stars
what happened to the feast?
[break for dialogue]
jc:  hmmm....that looked painful.
ben:  no shit.  if he gets up, paolo could be in trouble.
jc:  think he can run fast?
ben:  he better be able to.  also, you owe me 5 coins.
jc:  fucker should have moved out of the way.  maybe we should yell "duck" next
     time.  *pays up*
now you're lying.
face into the cooling grass.
faggot-boy has kicked your ass,
and you're so mad you can't see.
you just want to yell
as your eye starts to swell
because you lost the feast.
strong, no longer.
feeling like a bitter fool.
the paolo-kid took you to school
a rematch?  wish it could be.
but the facts are facts
you cannot get it back
because you lost the feast.
[again for dialogue]
jc:  you know, he's probably feeling pretty bad right now.
ben:  ya think?
jc:  maybe there's something we can do about that.
ben:  what would you suggest?
jc:  *takes out his wallet*  capitalism does have SOME uses....
my my my my gotta help cc
resort to bribery
to help him win the feast (whoa whoa)
slip a little money there and here
perhaps a case of beer
to help him win the feast (whoa whoa)
keep the secret from him till the night
until the stars shine bright
and then he wins the feast (whoa whoa)
watch the boy put on the magic crown
and order us around
we helped him win the feast (whoa whoa)
and now he's looking like he has some bread
with a lump on his head
he's king and won the feast (whoa whoa)
the boy is happy and, mon, that's a switch
cause he's a punk ass bitch
but now he's won da feast.
yeah he's won da feast.
yep he won da feast....*cue paolo nailing him in the other eye*
ben:  dibs on not taking his ass to the hospital.
jc:  shit.  help me pick him up at least.
-the judge / *grin*  the things that occur to you while walking home....