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this is in response to that list of folks posted by spikey.
maybe it's fitting that this will be one of my final posts
from this account, as i'm sure it's gonna die soon.  (for
those of you that don't know, i'm not enrolled in classes
this semester; i only have one to go before i graduate, and
i'm taking it in may session.  next time you see me, i'll be
szmagame ... is that a messy userid or what?)
now, don't hit 'n' just yet.  this is not going to be an
old vaxnerd's lament at the loss of the old days, and it's
not gonna get sappy.  well, not much, anyway.  read it any-
way; you can hit me for it next time you see me. ;)
i remember iceman ... and slug and beast and tripod and
tree and sorce and vermn and bobbin and dizzy and on and
on.  those were a great bunch of people, and i love them
dearly and miss them now and again and sometimes wish i
was better at keeping in touch with old friends.  we had
good, nay, great times together.  i remember the first
time i met spikey/curly (who didn't recognize me at the
bonfire anoche ... muahahahaaaa ;), too.  guess i've
changed a bit.
but the point of it is, despite the complaining we all do
about each other, and despite the number of times i've
expressed an urge to slap a couple of you silly, umm ...
well ... okay, okay, i'll just say it.  i think you guys
are pretty great.  you are/have been/will always be people
i think of as true friends, every bit as valued as the
friends i made on chatter years ago.
that's all.
welcome to the pleasuredome.
thorn (evil maria) :)