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| Description: Ok, Nance, it's done.  Happy?  :)                               |

to the tune of "happiness hotel" from "the great muppet caper"
Judge:  Hey!!  There's a clueless newbie fuck posting on here!!!
ALL:  A clueless newbie fuck!!!!!!!!!   HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!
*cue bob with the banjo*
Oh, you've been surfing through the BB's and you think you know the vax,
But you've got no clue about the folks this place tends to attract,
So don your kevlar armor, try and fireproof your ass,
Welcome to Chatter, this place is built on grass.
We got every type of lunatic and every type of pimp,
And every dominatrix, pothead, MUDder, god, and gimp,
But if your looking for some action and you're feeling kind of tough,
Welcome to Chatter, this ride is rather rough.
Clueless Newbie Fuck:  Y'know, I may be mistaken, but some of the people here
                       look like freaks.
We've got Omar      (We got John!)
We got JC           (We got JC!!)
Two fucks who sit and argue about what good days used to be.
Omar:  I just want to go on record as saying that this song sucks dick.
All:  GO OMAR!!!!!
Okay, the DAK's they are amusing and we drink our weight in rum,
And if we're really fortunate we'll hear "Sunshine On Me Bum",
And if you do get Daktized, then you should feel quite in luck,
Welcome to Chatter, your still a clueless fuck.
We've got a couple (Cap and Jackie) and a lurker who's named Shay.
There's Cat and Bob and Nance and Mark, JC, Kev and BJ,
With Sheryl, CC, Jess, and Z, there the best friends in this place,
Welcome to Chatter, we prefer nudity to lace.
There's NGC       (Nice Girls Club!)
And then there's MACK   (Pimp's R' Us!)
The females they stay nice while the men get you in the sack.
We've got older veterans, then there's Andy, Moonpie, Doug, and Pete,
And some really badass folks who'll run you over in the street,
We've been snowed in, had an orgy, and looked for cacti in the sky,
Welcome to Chatter, we all could kick your ass.
Griz:  Umm...that last part doesn't rhyme....OH SHIT!!!
*sounds of severe beating taking place by most of the people reading this*
Between the drinking and the smoking and the laughing and the sex,
We all have damn near better minds that most you would expect,
So come and meet us, get lurker status, or tell us we all suck,
Hey, this is Chatter, you clueless newbie fuck....
Yes this is Chatter, you clueless newbie fuck!!!!!!!!!
*wild toasting with a round of "Here's to You..."*
Omar:  You are all....weirdos.
All:  We love you, Drummond!!!
Omar:  Thanks.  Now STFU.
-thejudge@justforyou,nance,sinceyouaskedforit  :)