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| Description: the New Meg                                                     |

   Jesus, guys.
         I just saw Meg Thompson kill like twenty people on the steps of Wilson
Hall. There was this prospective student tour group, and their leader had just
got done saying, "and this is like, the Quad, which is really cool in spring
cause I like to put on my bathing suit and..." when Meg stepped out of the
front doors and said "Shut up, cunt." She was wearing a long black trenchcoat,
both of which made my spider sensae start tingling. First, Meg's mouth does not
even contain the muscles necessary to articulate the word "cunt". Second, Meg
is only slightly less Goth than My Little Pony- the only reason for her to wear
a long black trenchcoat is-
      *Shudder*  Two years of white wolf gaming had taught me irrevocably that
long black trenchcoats are used to conceal shotguns. I dived behind the bushes.
      Dimly I recall the Cunt saying "ExCUSE me?", and then the unmistakeable
sound of a cop-killer bullet reducing her to this mass of electrolysis, skin
grafts and silicon, probably raising her IQ about 25 points in the process.
      It was one of those "Street Sweeper" jobbies, so as the crowd ran
screaming in every direction, Meg cooly fired again and again. "Things to do-
at JMU" brochures fluttered, bloodstained, like macabre autumn leaves in a
stiff wind. "Not my Joey!" cried one Mom as Meg put a cap in her child and then
two into her.
     The noise stopped, reverberating in my ears. Meg's ammunition had lasted
just long enough to brutally murder everyone in the tour group. Joey was still
writhing a little on the steps, so Meg stepped on his larynx as she walked
down, blowing smoke from the barrel of her gun, mouth in a perfect "o". I
considered running out of the bushes where I crouched to ask her what the fuck
was going on, but a) there's probably some reason Meg wouldn't mind shooting
me, and b) she had just given me the most throbbing erection of my life, and I
decided it was probably a better idea to keep hiding here in the bushes and
masturbate like there was no tomorrow.
    The girl has CHANGED!