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| Description: The Olympians                                                   |

     Here is the first draft of the Chatter pantheon of Greek mythology. I know
I have left some people out. feel free to tack on what-all you want.
 The Lounge = Olympus
Zlogar= Zeus. Ruler of the Lounge, plus he can continue to use the letter z to
indicate his presence. Also he once hit me with a thunderbolt.
Nancy= Hera, queen of the gods. Also she can do that evil peacock call from The
adventures of Hercules or whatever.
Dan= Poseidon. One moment the sea can be calm and gentle breezes waft ships
along, the next tidal waves and hurricanes can break out, sinking boats,
drowning villages. Henceforth when Dan takes in some intoxicant and starts
getting hyper/aggressive, we shall say "the sea's getting frothy"
Cat= Demeter, goddess of the green earth and harvest, and generally most
wicca-esque of Greek goddesses.
Bob=  For now, Pan, wild frolicker. But as soon as he finishes his project, he
will be Hephaestus, blacksmith to the gods. Lets get to work on Bongatron, shall
Mark= Dionysus, god of sex, drugs, rock and roll (in the old days it was called
"wine, women, and song")
JC= Hermes. Herald of the gods, he who is sent to run around and let people in
the locked doors, god of thieves and announcer of interesting news ("Guess who
made his first kill?").
Ben= Apollo. Handsome, chases all the nymphs. He is also our chronicler and
judge, which I would equate to "god of reason and knowledge"
Laura Jenkins= Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. Any arguments?
Robin= Aurora, goddess of the dawn. Both are things you want to see when you
first open your eyes in the morning.
Sheryl= Artemis, goddess of the hunt (that's an H). No mortal could see her
naked and live. drink served with a big cherry.
Meg= Athene. Not actually a virgin but none of _us_ are ever getting in
there... also absention from alcohol imparts wisdom, relative to the rest of
Andy= Eros. God of love. But that's greek love, mind you ;)
Jen= Tiresias. Not a god, but the only figure in Greek mythology who lived both
as a man and as a woman.
Bill= Morpheus, god of sleep and dreams, comes complete with black cloak of
Laura White= Hestia, Goddess of Home and Hearth, mostly because she has a nicer
house than any of us. The grownup of olympus- Hestia never got jealous or
    And the Evil gods... (The End= the Underworld)
Evil Maria= Hecate, goddess of black magic, to whom there are a million
litereary allusions but very little actual mythology.
cappy= Hades. the god who was very morbid and brooding and played Doom all day,
but with real people as targets, until he stole Persephone.
Jackie= persephone.
Omar= Ares: "Kill the weak and eat them!" God of war and the Flame Spear. (I've
still got bruises from when he got me as a newbie...)
Cole= cerberus. Well, he's on a leash, isn't he?
   The Titans  (Grownups)
Kev= Cronos, most over the hill of all. Had nuts cut off with his own sickle.
Isn't making any more gods.
Jason Brannen= Prometheus, the only one of us who has ever actually created a
human being. Well, I realize Mav was also involved in that, but I can't think
of an appropriate Titan. Epimethus is a man.
Pete= Atlas, who holds up the sky. He's big.