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hey omar, when i read this i thought of you! (pot-->kettle...i know :)
btw, did anyone else startle when the men's 4x100m race was announced and
the third leg was run by Jon Drummond???
>  If your E-mail address ends in ".over.yonder.com"
>  If you connect to the World Wide Web via a "Down Home Page"
>  If the bumper sticker on your truck says "My other computer is a laptop."
>  If your laptop has a sticker that says "Protected by Smith @ Wesson"
>  If you've ever doubled the value of your truck by installing a cellular
>  If your baseball cap reads "DEC" instead of "CAT"
>  If your computer is worth more than all your cars combined
>  If your wife said "either he or the computer had to go", and you still don't
>    miss her
>  If you've ever used a CD-ROM as a coaster to set your beer on
>  If you ever refer to your computer as "Ole Bessy"
>  If your screen saver is a bitmap image of your favorite truck, tractor or
>    animal
>  If you start all your e-mails with the words "Howdy y'all"
>THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  The more I learn about women, the more I like my truck.