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| Description: i've seen the future it is vax                                  |

last night i was transported into the future.
it was scary.
everyone communicated in a vr world.
i attended the virtual vax 10yr reunion.
here's what happened:
as i walked through into the "vax" i saw many old friends.  Tuna was resting
comfortably in the corner enjoying the invention that made him famous- after a
year or two of programing he came up with virtual beer (tastes better than free
beer and the pitcher is bottomless).
The next person i ran into was Joker.
After losing his virginity twenty seven times back in 1993 he found the woman
of his dreams (Shanique- sha-knee-qwa).  He now spends his time enjoying the
profits he gained from his award winning performance on his latest album.
Pope, Lady K, and myself did get our band started.  We were really big until I
got burned out (a five year world tour is too much for anyone), i found out
that i was "relaxing" with my own video production facility and making a
killing on related merchandising.  The Pope was enjoying the cash, and doing
a good bit ofwriting and teaching english, and Lady K was reaping the profits
from her book "Boys, Toys, and Chainsaws".
Cookie Woman and Z finally got tired of being cracker friends and got married.
Now Z spends his time keeping Cookie pregnant.  They are living in the midwest
with their ten kids:  Talula, Edgar, Chico, Hopscotch, Mikey, Jenny, Skanky,
Jimmy, Beavis, and Butthead.  Another is on the way.
Omar and the SexFootman gained household name status when their single "Baby if
you can't do it my way don't do it at all" finally killed disco.  They went on
to make even more money with a Japanese tour, and a line of toys (The Omar doll
sold for $15.95 and came with a guitar and removable beard)
LydiaMOTO became the first female president.  She shared her ticket with Sting
(who became by the way America's Queen).  They did a fine job and are currently
arguing over whether or not to paint the white house in dayglo tie dye colors
or just go with pink.
Mav and her Mavlet now own Sizzler.  They are currently residing over the hills
and through the woods.
Dove is STILL managing Wampler and posting music on the vax.  His wife just
turned 18 so he has stopped looking over his shoulder.
Searcher decided to try to contact the spirit of "Beavis & Butthead" and was
turned into a vegetable when Butthead took over his mind and he began
convulsive headbanging, they hope to let him start feeding himself in a few
days.  and best of all
Ronin got laid.
thanks guys
this show was brought to you by the great wide open
mashing crackers
and huh huh huh huh huh
disposable peni
the uninvited guest